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Item # DT-315P, DT-315P Strobe

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Designed from the beginning for harsh use, the DT-315P is a rugged, sealed (IP65) Stroboscope suitable for working in areas without AC power.

The DT-315P works just like the DT-315A battery operated strobe, however flash tube life is increased, so maintenance of the DT-315P is less. Equipped with Phase shifting in angle of delay (0-359 degrees) and flash time delay, (0-300 mSec) the DT-315P is engineered for checking timing and wear on rotating and reciprocating machinery.

With its rugged "bumper" sealed body, and internal (rechargeable) battery, the DT-315P provides the maintenance and quality professional a rugged, accurate strobe-tach for inspection in harsh environments, of presses, conveyers, gear reducers, chain drives, fuel injectors, spray (paint) patterns, and many other industrial applications.
Internal signal "MODE" (flash) or external triggering control
By pressing this switch, the LED indicator changes to indicate FPM (flash/min), flash delay in degrees and flash delay in milliseconds

Adjust flash rate settings
Permit a fast x2 or ÷ 2 flash rate setting by pressing either switch when DT-315P is in "internal" mode

Long Life Flash Tubes
Flash rates of 60-3300FPM, the DT-311J flash tubes are designed for extra long life

SIG switch
By pressing this switch, the DT- 315P operation changes from Internal to External flash control

Phase "SHIFT"
Permits advance or retarding of viewed motion in degrees of milliseconds



5 digit, 7 segment red LED
Character Height 10 mm.


Battery: Nicd battery, 8KR - 2000 sce SANYO
Operating time: Approx. 1 hour (full charge at 3300 FPM)
Battery charge time: Approx. 10 hours (Do not operate over 10 hours continuously)
External power: DC9 14.5V, Max. 24W (current consumption is 24W

Operating Temperature (Metric)

0 - 40 °C

Weight (lb)

4.6 (approx.)

Weight (kg)

2.1 (approx.)

Flash Tube

Xenon lamp TFU-100B-A32

Display Resolution

RPM, Synchronous mode: 60.0 ~ 3300 FPM
Delay Angle, Delay mode: 0 ~ 359° or 0 ~ 300mS conversion display

Flashing Range (Internal Signal Mode)

60 ~ 3300 FPM

Display Accuracy (Internal Signal Mode)

± 0.01


± 0.01 (at 0 ~ 40°C)

Approx. Update Time (Internal Signal Mode)

0.2 seconds

Approx. Output Signal


Other Functions

÷ 2, x2 Flashings
Phase shift adjustment

Flashings (External Signal Mode)

Synchronous mode: 60.0 ~ 3,300
Delay mode: 200 ~ 3,300

Delay Angle Setting Range

Delay mode: 0 ~ 359°, Set by 1°

Display Accuracy (External Signal Mode)

Synchronous mode: ± 0.01% plus ± 1 digit
Delay mode: + 0 -0.2mS plus ± 1digit

Update Time (External Signal Mode)


Input Signal

H Level: 2.5 ~ 12V, L level: 0 ~ 0.4V; 50 µs or over for H.L. level, Trigger at rising edge, Approx. 10 Ohm impedance

Sensor Power

Battery: 6.8 ~ 11.0V, Adapter: 10.2 ~ 12.2V, DC: 9 ~ 14.5V: 7.8 ~ 14.1V, Max. 40mA (including max 0.6V Ripple)


Flashing, Delay angle: Jog ShuttleMode, Display Unit: Tact Switch

Flash Tube- Max. Power

10 Watt

Flashing Time (approx.)

30 µsec.

Dimensions W x H x L (English)

5.11 x 6.22 x 10.20 Inch

Dimensions W x H x L (Metric)

130 x 158 x 259 mm

Power Plug

PJ-2 (Sato parts) or the equivalent


Input/Output signal plug, AC adapter


Shimpo Instments

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