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Static Neutralizer Bar

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A few examples of industrial operations where "Magic Wands" have proved superior in their elimination of static electricity are the following:

  • Calendering of rubber plystock, plastic films, and high quality paper;
  • Spreading or coating of rubber or plastic compounds onto textiles, paper, or leather;
  • Drying in various forms by festoon, conveyor, or vertical dryers;
  • Multi-colored printing of newspapers, plastic sheeting, and textiles;
  • Weaving, brushing, rewinding, let-off, and similar operations in the textile industry;
  • Driving and conveying belts of various types and compositions;
  • Passing of paper, textiles, plastics, and rubber sheeting or films through systems of heating, or cooling drums;
  • Slitting and bias cutting of paper, textiles, coated products, and plastic films;
  • Let-off from rolls of paper, textiles, plastic, and rubber sheeting or films; and,
  • Many operations in the manufacture and processing of film products in the motion picture industry.
These are the unique advantages of the "magic wand".

Electrically Safe: Absence of high voltage transformers and cables eliminates the possibility of shocks or sparks caused by faulty insulation.

Inherently Safe:
Wire Bristle tips, the only metal parts, are maintained at zero ground potential. Even if electrified material should inadvertently approach the ionizing points of the bristles no harm is done and the result is rather an intensification of the discharge phenomena and a further reduction of sparking tendencies. Treated wooden bar construction with its low electrostatic capacitance itself precludes any danger of sparking.

Mechanically Safe:
No sharp points exist in the "Magic Wand" - No danger of damage to material in process - No infectious injury to hands of operators.

Healthwise - Safe:
The "Magic Wand" utilizes no radioactive rays that may constitute a separate, serious health problem.

The "Magic Wand" is surprisingly low in cost, as it employs no complex mechanical or electrical equipment.

Installation costs also are negligible as the "Magic Wand" may be mounted without changes in existing machinery - with the simplest of tools - in a matter of minutes. Special lengths to suit machines may be ordered at no extra charge. No maintenance cost - No power costs Long life.

Intermediate lengths manufactured to order - Delivery 14-21 Days. Surcharge of $8.00 on price of next longer standard length applies. Example: 39" Bristle Span $116.00. 68" Bristle Span $138.00.

Extra long bars:
Maximum length of single bars is 96". Delivery 10-14 days.

For greater lengths, two or more Magic Wands may be coupled together and should be supported by a suitable piece of kiln dried varnished hardwood extending over the entire length of the Magic Wand.

Short Bars manufactured to order - delivery 14-21 days. Any length between 13" and 23" price of $75.00 applies Bars 7" to 11" - $60.00 - 6" or shorter - $40.00.

Note: The length of the bar is determined by measuring the span of the tufts rather than the span of the wood. As an example: a 72" magic Wand would have a bristle span of 72" and the length of the wooden bar itself would be 76" as all bars have approx. 2" of wood on each end beyond the bristle span.

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12-16-SS Static Neutralizer Bar $100.00
12-16C Static Neutralizer Bar $75.00
24-28C Static Neutralizer Bar $85.00
36-40-C Static Neutralizer Bar $105.00
36-40SS Static Neutralizer Bar $128.00
48-52C Static Neutralizer Bar $120.00
48-52SS Static Neutralizer Bar $155.00
60-64C Static Neutralizer Bar $134.00
60-64SS Static Neutralizer Bar $158.00
72-76C Static Neutralizer Bar $130.00
72-76SS Static Neutralizer Bar $185.00
84-88C Static Neutralizer Bar $170.00
84-88SS Static Neutralizer Bar $198.00
96-100C Static Neutralizer Bar $195.00
96-100SS Static Neutralizer Bar $220.00
12-16-SS Static Neutralizer Bar $100.00
  Results 1 - 16 of 16 1 



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