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Nova-Strobe Digital and Analog Stroboscopes

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Weighing only 40 ounces,our battery-powered strobes have their own internal batteries so they're easy to handle and carry. Recharging with the fast charger takes only 3 hours. Once chraged, they'll operate for a full 60 minutes @ 60,000 flashes per minute. They feature a low battery indicator and automatic shut-off.

More than 20% brighter than competitive models, all our strobes use a high intensity xenon flash tube to provide a strong white light. Both analog and digital models have back-lighted displays for easy reading under all light conditions.

Accuracy of both digital models is +/-1 flash per minute. For Analog models, the accuracy rating is +/-2% of setting.

The Nova-Strobes have TTL compatible input and output jacks on digital models that allow them to be remotely triggered and synchronized or operated in Master/Slave configuration.

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Item Name


Average Power - Watts



Range - Flashes/Minute (FPM)


NSAA Nova Strobe AA Analog, AC +/- 2% of setting typical 7W "Quasi-Digital" 115 Vac, 50-400 Hz or 220-240 Vac, 50-400 Hz 100 - 8,000 1.5lbs.
NSAB Nova Strobe AB Analog, Battery +/- 2% of setting typical 7W "Quasi-Digital" Internal Rechargeable Batteries 100 - 8,000 2.5lbs.
NSDA Nova Strobe DA Digital, AC +/- 1 FPM 15W Digital-LCD 115 Vac, 50-400 Hz, 220-240 Vac, 50-400 Hz 100 - 12,000 1.5lbs.
NSDB Nova Strobe DB Digital, Battery +/- 1 FPM 10W Digital-LCD Internal Rechargeable Batteries 100 - 12,000 2.5lbs.
  Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 



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